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    A scientific expedition in the Atlantic Ocean

    Scientists from the UK and 16 other countries have just completed a scientific expedition in the Atlantic Ocean floor that has never touched before. Rather than see the bottom of the sea without life, the researchers actually took pictures of living creatures in the depths of the sea, which had never known existed. Research conducted in the area of Mid-Atlantic Ridge - an underwater mountain in the sea dividing into two, east and west. The landscape there is dominated rocks, steep cliffs and open plains. In the area of ‘barren’ was found at least 10 creatures which allegedly represent a new species during a six-week expedition British Research Ship, James Cook. Scientists send exploration vehicles, Isis to dive into the ocean floor for 30 hours at depths of up to 3600 meters
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    Elephant-Faced Baby Rabbits

    A Rabbit had pregnant an elephant in the village of Jaba, near Jenin city, West Bank, Palestine, on February 28, 2010. This news is not the preparation for the thumb, it is real news. The rabbit of a farmer named Fadi Alawni bore 12 the funny babies. One of the baby rabbits is like elephants. It has the long nose like an elephant’s trunk. The baby was eventually died five hours after birth. If alive, it could be the miracle of nature that no category. It can be called the elephant-faced rabbit or maybe the rabbit elephant.
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    Highest Dog in the World

    Guinness World Records on February 23, 2010 had been announcing the world’s tallest dog. Giant George or George the Giant, a large dog of the Great Dane from Tucson, Arizona, USA, won the title. When measured from the nail to his back, Giant George 3 feet tall 7 inches (about 108.94 cm or 1.09 meters) or simply adrift 0.75 inches (about 1.9 cm) from nearby rival, the Titan, a Great Dane home San Diego. Although not too high, Giant George remained much higher than the owner, David Nasser.
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    The Bad Debt Zebra

    A zebra makes busy the traffic jam in downtown Atlanta, USA, on Thursday, February 18, 2010. It happened after one of the animals belonged to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is out of control. The zebra was through the center of town to the highway in the middle of the city. Police blocked the southbound lane highway and then successfully led the zebra to the exit and return to the cage. The animal, perhaps, want to walk around town to find its twin, zebra cross.
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    Bear of Racing

    If trained, the animals can mimic almost any human does. Brown bears, for example, versed in riding motorcycles in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia, yesterday (November 22, 2009). It was invited clicking sound capabilities impressed by many people. The bear was performed in a circus show. If honed its ability, it is not impossible that the animal be good in racing. Later, it might be able to match the two of MotoGP champion, Valentino Rossi or Casey Stoner. Who knows?
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    Practice Panda

    ZHOUZHI - This following news is amazing and funny. Although the relatively large body size, the children of panda are not automatically can stand and walk. Moreover, mammals animals that enter the category of the bear was a toddler. He was only 18 months. Even one expert have to train baby pandas to be able to walk on his hind legs at the center of research and animal rescue in Zhouzhi City, Shaanxi Province, northwest China, yesterday (November 18, 2009). After he went smoothly, the panda could be taught to others. Including, perhaps, learn martial arts to be like Kungfu Panda.
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    The Big Mouth

    In general, each person would say that the biggest mouth is the mouth of a hippopotamus or the other animals in large body size. Apparently it has the biggest mouth in smaller animals. Like this following unique news. A photograph had been taken deliberately by the cameraman from EPA news agency cameraman in very close range in the River of Main, Frankfurt, Germany, yesterday (16 November 2009). The object is a long-necked birds aka swan. Although the head and neck diameter is relatively small, the goose was a big mouth. Of course, it does not mean that the goose is also a big mouth. As the saying goes, never judge something or someone from the outside.
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    Pretty Rabbit

    YOKOHAMA - Contest and fashion show for animals are no longer monopolized by dog. Other animals also do not want to lose. A rabbit has seen pretty with dress party and sunglasses. Long-eared animals that appear in the fashion contest titled Fiesta Rabbit in Yokohama City, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, yesterday (November 15, 2009). The rabbit would not dress itself, but the owner who had the initiative to beautify and bring to the contest. Around 8 thousand the rabbits lovers attended the annual event that lasted two days. If it was impossible to improve their own face, due to various factors, it never hurts to make beautiful pets.
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    Bird of Paradise

    This bird lives in Papua, Indonesia. It is known by the name Cendrawasih, but world called as Bird of Paradise. There are a lot of Paradisaea Apoda or Bird of Paradise hunted by human since long time ago, but the hunting of Bird of Paradise was culminate in 19th to 20th century. Usually it used in the making of high-class cloth and hat in European. In fact, this time Bird of Paradise has already protected as the treasure of world heritage. It is a nice news, not only for the bird’s lover, but also for the nature. So, lets care about Bird of Paradise.
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    Inikah Kasih Sayang?

    Ada sebuah berita unik, yang membuktikan bahwa manusia dan binatang bisa hidup rukun dan saling menyayangi. Memang ini kejadian langka, tapi setidaknya bisa menginspirasi kita untuk bisa lebih menghargai binatang. Ana Julia Torres, seorang ibu guru berusia 47 tahun dari Kolombia, 10 tahun yang lalu pernah merawat Jupiter, seekor anak singa Afrika yang sakit parah. Semenjak sembuh, sesuatu yang unik dan langka terjadi secara rutin semenjak 10 tahun yang lalu hingga sekarang. Apa? Setiap selesai makan, Ana Julia Torres dan Jupiter selalu berpelukan dan saling cium, seperti layaknya seorang ibu dengan anak tercintanya. Bukankah ini hubungan kasih sayang yang sungguh unik dan langka. An incredible news, what a harmony? Love in harmony.


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