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    The plane-car

    The Terrafugia Transition, the airplane that can turn into cars or vice versa, will produce a large scale. Terrafugia has obtained special permission of the plane with a load, from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As reported by Telegraph.co.uk, Tuesday, June 29, 2010 edition, the plane-this car is the only vehicles that are legally permitted to operate officially. How metamorphosis of this vehicle? When on the highway, this vehicle can be driven with standard speed. The vehicle of this magical will be pair of folding wings. That is, when finding a suitable area for the airport made a sudden, this vehicle can immediately act. Enough with the ‘airport’ normal-sized one-third of the airport, or about 500 feet, this plane could take off. Electric-powered f
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    Beetle in Japanese Style

    Volkswagen has officially stopped the production of one of the most unique cars ever made, the VW New Beetle. The embryo car from its VW Beetle has long been known to the world and the automotive enthusiasts in Indonesia knew it as VW frog. But who would have thought that tempting tastes of VW New Beetle has made a lot of people hooked and produces various versions of this car. One of the newest is the presence of the German frog in one corner of the mat Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. Touch of European-style combination of the strong and distinctive design curve of the home modification work of Asia Japan’s Body Shop Hayashi. Indeed new Beetle model pickup models are already there but this time it is displayed far more powerful. The tuner did a series of research to decide to convert the b


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