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    The high artistic and aesthetic value of Keris

    Collector of keris incorporated into Society Observer Tosan Aji, Thursday (7/10), showing off his collection of tens dagger in Sleman, Yogyakarta. Keris which exhibited partially derived from Majapahit era. Keris is the result of work that included early in the land of Java because it was made around the 11th century AD. In this event also showcased at the 8th century dagger, the keris lajer with prestige hurap Mojopahit heritage. Although already seen eroded, it still looks nice dagger as well as arsenic of keris. Keris of Sultan Hamengkubuwono has relics to gold-plated 7 which also exhibited. This exhibition aims to introduce course dagger to the community especially those who like to collect the historical objects. In addition, for the community also has artwork ancestor of tosan aji
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    Shisha and cigarette

    Shisha is very familiar in Indonesia. There are many places to eat or the middle eastern-style cafes in Indonesia provide Shisha as an alternative to tobacco, other than cigarettes. Shisha has been used for centuries ago for smoking and reduce stress, while relaxing with friends and family. Shaped like an ancient water pipes, consisting of a long tube attached to a glass or plastic container filled with water. Shisha is so popular in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In Lebanon, Shisha is known as Narghile, whereas in English called the Hookah. People smoked for relaxation. They think shisha is safer than cigarettes. This opinion is it true? As quoted from the Arab News, the research contained in the Saudi Medical Journal of the Armed Forces Hospital in Riyadh, El-Alem, shows the alarming fact that
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    The International Seminar Culture and Development will take place on 4-5 May 2010 in Girona

    The Seminars primary target will be to encourage the agents responsible for cooperation in partner and donor countries, and in International Organizations, to integrate culture in their development policies. The Seminar will review experiences reflecting that investing in culture is a way to attain diverse objectives in the fight against poverty, and will analyze a series of programmer and projects that can serve as a collection of best practices. View Full Article
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    Angklung, Traditional Music Instrumen of Indonesia

    Angklung, a traditional musical instrument made from bamboo. A very artistic traditional musical instrument from Sundanese, Indonesia. Very simple to play it, only shake it with hands. In the past, angklung was used as a sign for the start of religious worship. Actually angklung used as the instrument corps music when Padjajaran kingdom war against Majapahit kingdom in the Bubat War. But when the Dutch colonial era, playing Angklung prohibited, because they can strengthen the unity among the tribes of Sundanese.After the independence of Indonesia, a Sundanese named Daeng Soetigna continued to struggle angklung in international, by the show of Angklung Orchestra at the Bandung Conference in 1955. Until a few years later, a student of Daeng Soetigna called Udjo Ngalagena, establish Saung A


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