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    The bra with whipped cream

    In a video clip new album “California Girls,” Katy Perry was wearing the bra with whipped cream, but the singer apparently forgot where he put it so that he appeared “topless” in Esquire Magazine UK (United Kingdom). 25-year-old woman have been more pleased with the show in tight pants, high shoes and a necklace in sexy photos in the magazine. The singer is engaged to actor / comedian Russell Brand’s - recently told Access Hollywood that she likes clothes that are made of latex. “Latex feels most comfortable to wear because she was stuck on the body,” he said. “Sweating a little, but very fitting in the body! So you look thinner.”
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    Fresh in look

    Who would have guessed it at the age of 60 years Widyawati, a movie star still look fresh in look. Apparently, the widow of the late Sophan Sophiaan remained on a diet to maintain health. “Yes, if health is maintained course, with a diet and not eat strange things. Because if you have a weight that’s tired of ya keep it,” said Widyawati, when found in Studio Penta, Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (23 / 6) night. During an interview with several journalists, Widyawati does look cheerful. This is quite different from the last time when she abandoned her husband. However, the woman he was familiarly called Tante Wied reluctant to voice open about this cheerfulness. “It’s good in terms of what once was. I do not like people who fall in love. Not allowed,R
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    Backstreet Boys on the concert of New Kids On The Block

    Thousands of spectators concert New Kids on the Block at Radio City Music Hall in New York on Saturday (19 / 6) and made hysterical when the boyband bring one guest star on the stage. Guest star was none other than the Backstreet Boys, who is now living four without Kevin. Together, they brought the song I Want It That Way.
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    Taylor Swift on Atlantis

    Taylor Swift relax on the beach of Atlantis, Bahamas, Saturday (19 / 6), by exhibiting her body in the black bikini underwear small bump-white bump that was not too small. The 20-year-old singer and tall it will be a gig at the Paradise Island attractions, not far from the beach. She admitted that she often jogging outside and exercise using a treadmill in the bus tour. She claimed many sports not because wants to have thin body, but so that her breath is not out of breath if the gig.
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    Rosie replaces Fox

    Riddle of who would replace the sexy actress Megan Fox for Transformers 3 movie finally began to unfold. She is a bloody British model, Angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. About acting, Victoria’s Secret model is indeed classified as poor experience. But the matter looks and sexiness, of course not to compete. The news about Rosie replaces Fox in the film director Michael Bay’s claim when the company was smelled underwear Victoria’s Secret, where she became his model, giving congratulations in a video show on the election of Rosie as the new star of Transformers movie 3. Meanwhile, the Paramount film company has not provided an official statement about the truth of the news. Previously, a number of celebrities to be a strong candidate Fox’s successor after the state
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    Especially the sate

    Kaiane Aldorino, Miss World 2009, admitted very impressive with a variety of cultural diversity of Indonesia, not least about the food. Arriving at the ground water in order to attend the evening peak of Miss Indonesia 2010, one of the culinary demands by Miss Gibraltar, it is sate. “I like Indonesian food, especially the sate,” he said during a news conference in Plaza Indonesia, Monday (31 / 5). Miss World 2009 Arrivals to Indonesia was also accompanied by Mrs. Julia Morley - Chairman of the Miss World Organization and International President of Variety, The Children’s Charity, and Mr. Stephen Douglas Morley - Miss World Organization Event Director. In that occasion Miss World, Kaiane Aldorino also praised the beauty of Indonesian women who have good color and smooth
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    Bassist of Slipknot was found dead

    Paul Gray, bass player the band Slipknot, was found dead Monday (24 / 5) morning at a hotel room at Town Plaza, Des Moines, Iowa. According to police, so far not found anything suspicious in the death of the musicians on stage is better known as The Pig or # 2 this. But an autopsy will still be done to ascertain what the cause of death. Although Slipknot is in the vacuum, some of this month Paul Gray was busy working on albums by Hale!, A band formed with Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens (Judas Priest) and Andreas kisser (Sepultura). “Paul Gray is a great person, either on stage or not. He will be missed by many, including myself. His soul will live on in music that he created,” said the front man of Papa Roach, Jacoby Shaddix.
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    Transformers 3 without Megan Fox

    The first time Megan fox jumped over the movie ‘Transformers’ which at that time, making it as one of the main stars. Entering the second sequel, Michael Bay, the film director who will gush ‘Transforner 3′ made the decision to dismiss Fox as one of the reasons players, Fox is considered too thin for the starring role. Megan Fox’s appearance is now much thinner than usual; making the Bay to recruit Fox changed his mind again. This one had expressed the Bay in a meeting, which was torn to make Fox angry. Reportedly, between the director and the actress was involved in a big fuss, because Fox does not get called skinny girl by the Bay, 45. Both argue in a tense meeting discusses filming ‘Transformers 3′. At that time, Megan Fox, 24, was furious and
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    Rima Fakih as the Miss USA

    Rima Fakih’s name suddenly became discourse in the United States where, after Sunday (05/16/2010) night, she became a bloody female Arab and a Muslim who was crowned Miss USA 2010. Rima victory then becomes a polemic. Many gave thumbs-up, but nothing that a little too. Football lunge as a sensual dance contest winners “Stripper 101″ in 2007, later became hot gossip. The number of photographs spread on the internet showing 24-year-old female, middle the danced in the arena of dance pole (pole) in front of the spectators who crowded the Coliseum Gentleman’s Club. The event is part of a campaign of radio stations in Detroit. As the winner, she is entitled to a number of prizes such as, jewelry, certificates, toys for adults (adult toys) and a pole dance that can be u
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    Idols Top 12 Proves a Need for Voting Lesson

    So Im thinking maybe its time that people got a refresher course on this whole American Idol voting thing. The point of the competition is to vote for the very good singers and send home the ones who arent as good. If you dont, there are two problems: The first is that you stop hearing the better singers because theyre gone. The second is that you hear more from the inferior ones because theyre still there. View Full Article
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