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    Effect to slim

    Options and proven unified frontier clothing can make the body appear thinner. Renowned designer Ichwan Thoha, Oka Diputra, and Priyo Oktaviano, as well as fashion writer Irma Hardisurya, beauty icon Kintan Umari, and Fritz Panjaitan orbiter model of the F Models, reveal the trick. What kind of clothes that could give effect to slim? 1. Irma Hardisurya. Wear a dark colored dress with rose accents, can be a motif of vertical lines, details of a row of buttons, stitching and pleated with accessories which size is moderate or balanced with the body. Choose clothing material that fall also follow the movements of the body supple and not too tight or too loose. 2. Priyo Oktaviano. Wear clothing with a silhouette of H or Boxy. 3. Oka Diputra. Black color easily gives the illusion of slimmer. Fo
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    The memories on Cremation Jewelry

    Jewelry is a precious thing, in terms of materials and shapes. Jewelry made of metal and precious stones and expensive. Jewelry is also made with an artistic form. So that the jewelry be rewarded with precious objects that expensive. Moreover, if the jewelry in the content with something that can give the memory of a loved one. Cremation jewelry is jewelry. We have the largest store of Cremation Jewelry is on the Internet. In this shop available a variety of Cremation jewelry, jewelry that can be stored inside the ashes of those we loved. Jewelry is also made with various forms of interesting, original and high artistic value. Jewelry like this is ideal for those who want memories of the loved one can always close to him. Cremation jewelry is the most personally meaningful ways to remembe
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    Clothe of Candy

    Actress Laura Brent appeared with a unique outfit in Sydney, Australia, yesterday (20 November 2009). Holding a basket of candy, she wired skirt made entirely of candy. The clothe is the creation of chef and restaurant owner, Tony Bilson, and displayed at the launch Cuisine Now in Sydney. Beginning in January 11, 2010 and lasted two weeks, Cuisine Now is the celebration of contemporary dishes from seven chefs and culinary experts from Australia and France. Anyone can taste. Including, perhaps, enjoy the candy clothes worn by Brent. If not, it risks the ants invaded.
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    My Favorite Halloween Costumes

    Halloween is one of the oldest holiday in the world, because it has a legend comes from thousands of years ago. We know that as holiday Halloween has many influences from various cultures for many centuries. Began from the legend of Rome to the Celtic festival. Halloween is usually marked by the kids who wear kids Halloween costumes, costume was have originally theme of the devil or the dark things. But along with the development, there are many variety of costumes to wear. From superhero costumes until the funny animal costumes, The costumes are displayed on tweet Halloween costumes, as well as in Halloween costumes blog. Moreover, usually the children while wearing costumes would go to the neighboring houses, to ask for candy. Absolutely, for a special day like Halloween, the children


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