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    The cause of death

    Center for Food and Drug of North Sumatra do research on foods that are suspected to be the cause of death of two elementary school students in Medan, on Monday (8/11). “We’ve lowered a team of three people to take home food samples both victims residing in Wake Sari Road, Village Store Durian, District of Johor Medan,” said the Central Investigation Section Chief Food and Drug Administration (BBPOM) North Sumatra, Ramses Pasaribu, in Medan on Wednesday. The two elementary school students who died was the M Siddiq 067 774 primary school students Khairunisa Medan and Medan 064 032 primary school students. Both died allegedly due to eating foods meatballs. The samples taken for examination in the laboratory BBPOM North Sumatra, further Ramses is the residue of vomit and me
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    Release your thirst after fasting with watermelon

    During the month of Ramadhan in the city of Bengkulu, the fruit traders claimed the fruit of the most sought after by buyers is the watermelon. “The fruit of watermelon sought the buyer can release your thirst after fasting,” said the fruit traders in the region said the ground breaking city of Bengkulu, Yanto, Sunday. He usually took the fruit from the distributor as much as half a ton, but the many demands on a watermelon cause he had to prepare a stock of up to one ton each week. “If an ordinary day just a half-ton over the past two weeks,” he said. He confessed to the many demands on a watermelon that he can pocket the profits reaching millions. The fruit was sold at Rp5.000 per kilogram and the number of buyers jumped on fasting a week after it was back to n
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    Benefits of Banana

    Banana is known as one super health food for athletes and professionals. The content of banana is the three natural sugars, sucrose, fructose and glucose and provides energy for the combustion of fiber during 90 minutes of nonstop energy. But, ‘contributor’ energy is not the only benefits of a banana. This type of tropical fruit can help overcome and prevent some kinds of diseases and health disorders. Therefore it is necessary to supplement the daily diet. 1. Anemia Bananas are high in iron, which stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood and helps overcome the anemia. 2. High Blood Pressure Tropical Fruit contains high potassium but low in salt, so perfect to prevent and reduce high blood pressure. U.S. Food and Drug Agency (FDA) allow manufacturers to claim the
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    No link between coffee with the prostate cancer risk

    The coffee lovers have not to worry anymore about the annoying of hobby sipped the prostate health. Reports of recent studies show no link between coffee with the prostate cancer risk. In an analysis of dozens of studies on coffee habits and risk of prostate cancer, the researchers concluded not find strong enough evidence between coffee with a disease so that the specter of men. Previously, several studies suggest an association between coffee drinking habits with some cancers, although there are some studies that mention the coffee actually reduces the risk of cancer. In a study published last month for example, found that coffee reduces the risk of cancer in the head and neck. Meanwhile, studies on coffee and prostate cancer did not show a convincing conclusion. Because there are stud
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    Risk of malnutrition for the modern people

    Modern people who once did a full day’s menu is still at risk of malnutrition because of three things. First, a layer of soil (topsoil) is critical so that our earth is not a complete feed for plants and animals that eat grass and leaves. Second, way too much food though removing most nutrients. The other things are storage of the old food source, other than refrigerated, also eliminates some nutrients. Total general, despite the daily menu varied, remains at risk of malnutrition due to the condition, it makes a loss of some food sources of nutrients they contain. No wonder many complaints stiff right now only because of lack of vitamin B1, vitamin B and other groups. That’s because modern people choose milled rice that has been missing her B vitamins. We hear now the rice br
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    Blood Potion Energy

    Blood is not only the consumption of all vampires, as we often see in some movies. Fluid that serves to send the substance and oxygen in the body was also utilized a number of people as sports drinks. It sounds disgusting; the same as hearing people do urine therapy. But seeing the benefits, a company dares to create a drinks packaging product titled ‘Blood Potion Energy’. As quoted from the pages Shine, product costing U.S. $ 5 may be a synthetic blood drink first in the world. To be comfortable is consumed; it was deliberately varied with fruit flavor. Like blood, the concoction contains iron, protein, caffeine and electrolytes cocktail, it is also red. Even the packaging is made, such as blood transfusion bags. Indeed, many people consider taboo blood consumed. A number of
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    Original food must be healthy, not snacking

    One of the complaints that are often experienced by men other than excessive obesity is a bulging belly. Not only can experienced fat man, this complaint may also occur in men, putting thin, especially those with eating hobby and snacked. Such cases usually occur when a man entered the productive age with intensity-time job. “Generally, it occurs because of belly fat eating pattern does not irregular. This is often experienced by male workers who like to eat, especially during times of stress, but not balanced with regular exercise,” said Susana, STP, MSc, PD.Eng, Head of Research of Nutrifood Center Division VIVAnews met recently in Jakarta. Susana was also revealed that the habit of Indonesian men who consume carbohydrates, like rice too much at meals is one trigger potbell
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    The International Seminar Culture and Development will take place on 4-5 May 2010 in Girona

    The Seminars primary target will be to encourage the agents responsible for cooperation in partner and donor countries, and in International Organizations, to integrate culture in their development policies. The Seminar will review experiences reflecting that investing in culture is a way to attain diverse objectives in the fight against poverty, and will analyze a series of programmer and projects that can serve as a collection of best practices. View Full Article
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    Pecel of Mbah Pupon

    SOLO There is the interesting news, after the capture of terrorists in Solo, Indonesia several days ago. Mbah Pupon, 70, serving the buyers of Indonesian traditional food, called pecel, at home which is adjacent to the raids location of terrorist Noordin M Top and friends. Death of a flock of terrorists in Mojosongo, Solo, was inspired Mbah Pupon to label the foods that are sold under the name of Pecel Gendar Noordin M. Top. The goal, of course attracted many visitors. Sure enough, many tourists are improvised on the sampling location of pecel under the name of the bombers that was very popular.
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    Water of Life

    Water is the most important nutrients for the human body. In fact, people drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, to ensure that the body gets all the benefits of water. And here they are the miracle news of water for the human body: To help the process of digestion, absorption and asimilasi nutrition. To help the disposal of toxin and the digestion of feed product. Delimitate calories in the body. Power up of the brain. Protect the skin humidity, because water is a natural lubricant for skin.
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