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    Apa Mesothelium itu?

    Saat ini ada sebuah penyakit kanker yang banyak dibicarakan di dunia. Kanker langka yang bersifat ganas, namanya kanker Mesothelioma. Sel-sel kanker ini biasanya ditemukan di mesothelium. Apa Mesothelium itu? Mesothelium adalah selaput membrane yang melapisi dan melindungi sebagian besar organ utama pada tubuh manusia. Mesothelium terdiri dari dua lapisan sel, satu lapisan terbentuk dengan mengelilingi organ tubuh dan satu bentuk lapisan lainnya berupa kantung di sekitar organ tubuh. Mesothelium menghasilkan cairan pelumas yang dikeluarkan di antara lapisannya. Sehingga membantu dalam pergerakan organ tubuh terhadap organ rubuh di sekitarnya. Seperti pergerakan pada jantung yang berdetak dan paru-paru yang mengembang. Mesothelium memiliki nama yang berbeda, tergantung pada lokasinya pada t
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    Natural activity

    Discard the wind is a very common activity, and healthy. Even so, you may feel embarrassed when to dispose of the wind caught in the middle of many people, much less noise and odor. Discard the wind is a natural activity that occurs due to consumption of foods that cause excessive gas formation in the body. While the bad smell that comes out when someone throw the wind, could be due to a number of factors. One of them is too long because the rest of the food stored in the large intestine, which in turn produce foul smelling gases. But do not worry, there’s still a great way to overcome the odor when the wind throw, quoted by the Times Of India. - Limit consumption of foods high in fat. Foods high in fats produce large amounts of carbon dioxide and some of which will be issued in the
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    30 percent risk of cancer is caused by the factors of obesity

    World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 30 percent risk of cancer is caused by factors of obesity and physical inactivity is partly because too much sitting. “As a member of the UICC (the International Union for Cancer Control), Indonesia Cancer Foundation felt compelled to give information about cancer, in this case related to skin cancer can be detected as early as possible in order to be cured,” said Adiati Siregar, chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation in a press release here on Monday. As with other cancer cases, the lack of knowledge caused many early symptoms of skin cancer that go unreported, unpunished until then lead to disability and even death. Among the various types of cancer cases in Indonesia, was known to show the incidence of skin cancer are inc
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    Cytotoxic to some cancer cells

    Fruit of ciplukan (Physallisa angulata L) is containing compounds and Withanolid Fisalin that can cure cancer. “Fisalin and Withanolid are cytotoxic to some cancer cells and could inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells, lung, and blood cancers,” said the student at the Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta Yogyakarta Amelilinda Monikawati Tuesday. Amelilinda with Inna Amandari and Sofa Farida successfully tested the potential kemopreventif etanolik herb extracts ciplukan on breast cancer cells. Thanks to test potential anti-cancer research at the third ciplukan Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University student won a Young Researcher Competition Indonesian Elections (PPRI), the field of Natural Sciences, 2010. “In vitro, the study managed to
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    An effective activity to lose weight

    During this exercise tends to be associated with an effective activity to lose weight. However, it is not sport the best way to lose weight. Research shows, we are less active than 20 years ago. This means that the obesity problem arises because people eat too much, not because of lack of exercise. That’s according to Professor Speakman, from Aberdeen University, UK. He analyzed two decades of research on energy expenditure. Data from the United States and the Netherlands show because it appears the reliance on technology to save time, people today are less active compared with 20 years ago. Factors such as decreasing the number of children who walk to school and watching too much TV or playing computer games are also associated with increased body weight, according to the Intern
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    The beliefs of ancient Egyptians about orange

    Beliefs of ancient Egyptians that placed orange as one of the foods that can protect the body from various kinds of poisons and diseases. That is became the basis of today’s scientists found that treating diabetic oranges role. As quoted from the page of the Daily Mail, scientists study the content of naringenin, a kind of antioxidant that gives a bitter taste in citrus. This element was developed to manage 2 type of diabetes. Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. And, studies show that naringenin help improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin and helps patients maintain a healthy weight. This is an important part of diabetes care. The scientists found that naringenin can encourage the burning of body fat in the liv
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    Yoga makes the body's systems run more balanced

    Body weight and waist circumference for women aged 45 to tend to continue to rise. According to research, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC), the practice of yoga is considered the most effective way to overcome the problems experienced by the majority of women aged 45-55 years. The study involved 15.500 men and women. They were surveyed about their physical activities, including yoga, and body weight records. The study measures the impact of yoga on body weight changes, regardless of diet and other types of physical activity. Researchers found that between 45 and 55 age, body weight tends to rise half a kilogram per year. It’s quite common because with age, one does not burn calories on a regular basis due to reduced energy. “Men and women of normal weight at ag
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    Brown rice is healthier than white rice

    Eating white rice has become a staple food of Indonesian society. But researchers from Harvard University found that consuming white rice is not healthy for diabetics. So, what foods can substitute for white rice? As quoted from page of Genius Beauty, researchers state that brown rice can substitute white rice, and even lower the risk of diabetes up to 16 percent. Replacing white rice with brown rice is one of the best ways suppressing the increase in blood sugar. The reason, refined or white rice can increase blood sugar levels. This study was conducted in the U.S. involving more than 200 thousand people. The results, found that eating 150 grams of white rice for more than five times a week increased the risk of diabetes by 17 percent compared with those who ate only one serving of rice
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    The special cologne can damage the sperm quality

    Secret ingredient that gives a special cologne smell it can damage sperm quality. This fact was revealed through research by the consumer advocacy nonprofit Environmental Working Group. As quoted from page Aol dot com, researchers analyzed the chemical composition of the 17 perfume and cologne and found that many scented products contain compounds that have the potential to interact with the hormone. One chemical, a solvent pthalate diethyl (DEP), was found in 12 products and linked to sperm damage in the Harvard study in 2006. Sperm damage as we know can reduce fertility. Furthermore, DEP is only one of 12 different compounds that disrupt hormone found in cologne. One of the famous brands of perfumes was containing seven compounds that interact with either estrogen or androgen (male and
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    Pleasing yourself at every time

    Each of us would not want to feel enveloped in a sense of saturation as a man who never had any luck. Eventually every process of life is doing very heavy. When in fact, the starting point to enjoy life there are times we managed to make a point ourselves on everything we do. According to Sarah Maria, author of Start Living Happily and confidently, when we think of ourselves is important it will be very easy to feel the unity of self. This then became the capital to live according to needs of happiness and self. Interested to pamper? Try doing the following ways: 1. Wake up with our favorite songs. After an alarm clock to wake us, try to play a CD containing our favorite songs. Feel free to sing along or slightly contort the body follow the strains of music. That way, we have collected t
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