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    The mixed of traditional medicine

    The mixed of traditional medicine from the mothers turned out to be the panacea of heal many diseases. Not only in Indonesia, had it also turned out this home-based prescription drugs too many inherited from generation to generation of mothers around the world. One of them, American mothers have an effective cold remedy ingredient, namely a bowl of chicken soup. The Japanese people entrust ginger tea as a panacea avian repellent, as quoted shineyahoo dot com pages. Do you want to know the other traditional recipes that became the drug of hereditary society in the world? A bowl of chicken soup repellent flu Eating foods warm while cold air, can help warm the body. Health experts from the University of Nebraska also said that chicken soup inhibited the movement of 75 percent of white blood
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    An overdose of drugs in children

    During this medication in syrup form for children or adults, are often given by using a teaspoon or a small spoon. This risk turned out to cause an overdose of drugs in children. According to the research team from the Alfa Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Athens, Greece, have a teaspoon of various sizes from 2.5 ml to 7.5 ml. If you give the drug with a teaspoon or tablespoon measure others, it means the kids can take the drug at a dose not accurate. Therefore, it is advisable to use a special spoon with instructions to give the size of the drug. Parents also should also be consulted about the drug packaging to ensure children are given the appropriate dose according to their age. The team examined 49 teaspoons collected from 25 households. The study found parents using one of the la


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