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    Oasis is Losing the Spirit

    Oasis is Noel and Liam Gallagher. But, how about if Noel decided to withdraw from the legendary Britpop band, Oasis? That question is now filling the minds of Oasis fans worldwide. Oasis is like losing the spirit if running without Noel. Even could go, the fans would not like Oasis that they love. Noels role is very crucial. He is the creator and designer of the majority of music Oasis. Oasis of internal conflict that public exposure was not the first time this happened. Noel and Liam had to say, a band from Manchester, England, it will disperse. Circulation of the news that Liam was fired or left was used. Fans were just a little nervous. However, would a different story if Noel is left. One of the noteworthy events in the history of musical kaleidoscope of the world took place at Augu
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    Northern Light Orchestra for Christmas Celebration

    Christmas celebration is still several months away, but a musical project big has already formed enough. Classic rock and Christmas orchestra, the two terms can not normally take place simultaneously in 1 activity. But Northern Light Orchestra is a unique project that brings together some of the biggest rock star in the 1970s, the 1980s and 1990s for the celebration that is unrivaled of the Christmas story. Maybe some people will see that the Northern Light Orchestra and Transiberian Orchestra are the same, but the differences in style and message are very clear. Northern Light Orchestra is a band that played hard rock guitar virtuoso, who has been known in many Guitar Hero games. Following the launch of the CD, Northern Light Orchestra concert will start officially at the annual Christma
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    New Album of Dream Theater

    Dream Theater is very familiar with one thing, high level music. Dream Theater as the progressive metal band is known the world with their high musical techniques. It’s proved with the 9 album that they already produced, and their latest album is now ready for the world again. John Myung (bassist), John Petrucci (gitarist), James LaBrie (vocalist), Jordan Rudess (keyboardist) and Mike Portnoy (drummer) are the member of Dream Theater. They said that their new album with the title Black Clouds and Silver Linings has released on 23 June 2009. The album is said such as the merging from the album A Change of Seasons, Octavarium, Learning to Live, Pull Me Under and The Glass Prison.
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    Best of Dream Theater

    Nama Dream Theater sangat akrab dengan satu hal, musikalitas tingkat tinggi. Band progressive metal ini memang dikenal dunia dengan permainan musik tehnik tinggi. Terbukti dengan 9 album yang sudah mereka hasilkan, dan sekarang album terbaru mereka siap untuk mengguncang dunia lagi. Album baru dengan judul Black Clouds and Silver Linings akan dirilis pada 23 Juni 2009. Album yang dikatakan layaknya penggabungan dari album A Change of Seasons, Octavarium, Learning to Live, Pull Me Under dan The Glass Prison. Wow, coba bayangkan saja. Berikut ini sekilas tentang 5 anggota Dream Theater: John Myung (bassist); laki-laki berdarah Korea ini adalah salah satu pendiri Dream Theater. Dia sudah bermain biola sejak usia 5 tahun, dan bermain bass sejak usia 15 tahun. John Petrucci (gitarist)


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