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    Komputer Tablet

    Komputer tablet memiliki kemiripan dengan smart phone. Biasa disebut tablet, Komputer tablet merupakan suatu jenis komputer terbaru dan lengkap yang bagian perangkatnya berupa layar sentuh datar. Bahkan benda pintar ini tidak dilengkapi dengan papan ketik. Komputer tablet bisa digunakan dengan stilus, pena digital atau ujung jari. Pertama kali pada tahun 2000, Microsoft memperkenalkan versi Windows XP untuk komputer tablet yang disebutnya Tablet PC. Dan pada tahun 2001, Apple meluncurkan versi komputer tabletnya dengan nama iPad. Lalu pada tahun 2011, Samsung meluncurkan versi komputer tablet Galaxy Tab 7, yang kemudian dilanjutkan dengan peluncuran Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus dan 10.1 (P7100).
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    Android platform

    One of the founders of Google, Larry Page, has finally the “red ear” practically trailing Apple in the smartphone business. He denied allegations that Apple CEO Steve Jobs made the statement as if Google followed Apple are beating the drums of war even compete with Apple. Apple CEO Steve Jobs said Google lick implicitly his own saliva and betrayed relation with Apple to launch the Android platform smartphone even homemade Nexus One that competes directly with the iPhone. In February, the media launched a number of employee recognition that Steve Jobs announces Apple cuss Google. Steve Jobs mentioned that Google has issued a statement with the motto own nonsense that often the “dont be evil” or do not be a devil or an enemy to make his own friends. Jobs angry sinc
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    Apple's latest smartphone

    Russian President Dmitri Medvedev may be the first person in his country which has the iPhone four. He even obtained the day before Apple’s latest smartphone is officially launched. iPhone 4 becomes a gift that is given Apple CEO Steve Jobs during Medvedev’s visit to the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, USA, in a series of visits to the Land of Uncle Sam. Medvedev met Steve Jobs, Wednesday (06/23/2010) U.S. time. Medvedev had directly tested the iPhone four given Steve Jobs. Jobs could show off the advantages of new features the iPhone to Medvedev. Compared to the previous version, the iPhone 4 has a thinner size is only 9.3 millimeter or 25 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS. Speed faster processors, better graphics quality, camera with more pixels high, 5 MP, a
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    Computer viruses can infect humans

    Would you believe that computer viruses can infect humans? When I first heard, it is probably impossible because both are very different physically. A computer virus is a digital code man-made, while the virus is an organic disease. However, computer virus attacks the human body may occur when the computer-based tool integrates with the human body. For example, a virus attacked the robotic arm, an artificial heart, or organ implants that they are planted into the body for various purposes for the future. To anticipate such attacks, Dr Mark Gasson, cybernetika an expert at the University of Reading, UK, were tested. He made the viruses into the computer and infection of radio frequency identification chips (RFID) is planted beneath the skin surface of the arm. This experiment was designed
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    A new integrated communication

    Microsoft and Nokia launched their first application resulting from the collaboration both embodied in the Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia. It is a new integrated communication for users who can directly connect directly with their corporate communications system briefly. Users of Nokia smart phones based on Symbian can easily download the English version through the features of the Nokia Ovi Store, the easiest place to get a variety of compelling content for Nokia.
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    Digital photo frame with docking port

    This digital photo frame is different from other similar products. Kenwood music completes with a docking port for the Apple iPod or iPhone in the U.S. product-iP70 series. This appliance is equipped with a standard digital photo frame, namely a memory card reader and USB stick with a capacity of 32 GB. Docking port can be removed from the frame if not desired. Kenwood AS-iP70 is in good design with a 7-inch TFT LCD with a resolution of 800 x 480 (WVGA). This screen can show images in a variety of styles. Weighing 800 grams, the docking ports of the artificial Kenwood radio features AM / FM and double as an alarm. For owners of iPod Touch, Classic, Nano, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS can use it as a music player. Price docking port is around 2.5 million rupiah.
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    Prospective Competitors for Ronaldo and Messi

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi would be have the tough competitor. Four world champion players appear in grand CeBIT technology fair in Hanover, Germany on March 2, 2010. Their names are Rajesh, Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard. They are part of a championship team Robot Football World Cup in Austria last year. With his ability, robots 60 inches tall that can dribble and kicked it into the opponent’s goal. They recognize the color and lines to detect the ball near them, then drive and kick it.
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    Microsoft announced the New Products

    Microsoft announced the new products, Windows Phone 7, the operating system for touch screen mobile phone. Positive and negative responses emerged. Several people say Windows Phone 7 support only the software for touch screen mobile phone used, nothing special. Moreover, Microsoft is not to be outdone by Google that was launched operating system for phone, Android. Or Nokia, that joined Intel to make MeeGo. However, the shortage is not always found in Windows Phone 7. It looks cleaner with the interesting colorful icons. The icons are for music and photos. The icons are also the status of friends on facebook. Icons are displayed in the box of tiles.
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    Sophisticated Tool of iPad

    The thick is only 13.4 mm with the touch screen measures 9.7 inches. The weigh is only 0, 68 kg, thinner than a laptop and a netbook that are currently available. This is the Apple products that the rumor has heard since five years ago. This sophisticated tablet computer is available in three memory capacities of 16, 32 and 62 gigabytes. The power of iPad came from ARM A4 chips of Apple, in power of 1 GHz. Connected with wifi which is also embedded in the iPhone, equipped with speakers and microphone, accelerometer, and use the same connector for iPod and iPhone. IPad is very suitable for people who are mobile and always updated with the news. Even businessmen who always demanded the presentation in front of the client will be helped by this sophisticated tool.
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    World's Most Expensive iPhone

    Seeing this custom iPhone remain back the memories of the time of the Roman Empire who wallow treasure, gold, and diamonds. Casing wrapped in 22 carat gold weighing 271 grams. Outskirts of the upper frame 136 grains sprinkled a small 68-carat diamond. To make it even more luxurious, the Apple logo on the back of the gold 53 point diamond dusted. Not enough? On the navigational technology, was also given the rare diamonds of 7.1 carats! For a special purchase, customers will get a unique selling boxes made of granite. iPhone the most luxurious was designed by Stuart Hughes from Liverpool, England. Making takes 10 months and sold USD 3.15 million (about almost 30 billion Rupiah).
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