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    A finalist of seven new wonders of the world

    Komodo Island eventually qualifies as a finalist of seven new wonders of the world. Committee New7Wonders (N7W) today or Monday (7 / 2), announce important decisions related to participation as a finalist N7W Komodo Island. As quoted from the official website, revealing New7Wonders voting for Komodo Island as a finalist NW7 resumed. However, the New7Wonders delete the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Kemenbudpar) from its status as the Official Supporting Committee on Komodo Island in the campaign New7Wonders of Nature. “Every action Kemenbudpar last week, makes us take action to withdraw from Indonesia. If we rely on Kemenbudpar, then today we had announced the removal of the New7Wonders Komodo Island,” said President and New7Wonders founder Bernard Weber. Apparently, the rea
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    Earthquake intensity

    The monitor earthquake Mount of Anak Krakatau is not working so that the intensity and volcanic activity is not monitored from the observation post for two days. Head GAK Observation Post in the Village District Hargopancuran Rajabasa, South Lampung, Andi Suardi, say, in Rajabasa, Wednesday, said the tremor tentacle not get energy from solar panels as it is covered volcanic ash that had been sprayed. He explained that the tool is a solar power generating system that will supply energy to deliver tentacle seismic intensity of earthquake to a seismograph. “The damage occurred during these two days, and the seismograph is not working because it does not get the vibration signal from the instrument,” he said. He explained, damage occurs to the elements for a solar panel as the cat
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    Specials only in Bantimurung

    “Specials only in Bantimurung,” joked a friend when we talk about tourism mainstay in Maros regency, South Sulawesi-Indonesia. The distance is approximately 45 km from Makassar. In addition to his place was near, waterfalls and other attractions in the surrounding areas offer the beauty. Moodiness seemed like a slam. From the city center Maros, Bantimurung can already be reached by the time approximately 20 minutes by private car or public transportation. Geographically Bantimurung tourist attraction has an area of 6619.11 km2 Entering reach this region; we will be greeted by a large gate with a giant butterfly, followed by a jumbo-sized statue of an ape. This indicates Bantimurung is the original habitat of butterflies and monkeys.
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    The 472 million-year-old plants

    The scientists found fossils of the oldest plants in the world an estimated 472 million-year-old in Argentina. It is a plant fossil liver moss, a simple species that do not have roots or stems. “The possibility of this plant is the ancestor of all plants,” said Dr Rubeinstein from the Department of Paleontology at the Argentine Institute of Snow, Ice and Environmental Research in Mendoza, Argentina. According to him, liver moss is one of the oldest plant species because it has very simple spores, called cryptospores. Plants are thought to have evolved from algae is found in the Sierras Subandinas region, northwestern Argentina. Before the discovery of fossils of mosses heart, the scientists named the species of plants from Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic as the world’
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    Prince of pilot

    After graduating from a training course for 19 months, Prince William is now fully operational pilot search and rescue (SAR). Prince of pilots known as Lieutenant William Wales (28 th), which was commissioned for three years in the Royal Air Force Valley station on the island Anglessey England, Wales, will run a rescue mission in England using Sea King helicopters - whit four crew members. Training course that includes over 70 hours of flight training and simulation training for 50 hours … “Very challenging, and I’m really enjoying it”, said William on Friday (17/9). “I’m very happy to finish the course with colleagues of other students,” he continued. “I’m very loved flying, so it was an honor to join the SAR team, which helps provi
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    Ancient relics of Badung

    Police confiscated Resort Badung, Bali, proved the valuable ancient relics. Two human skulls seized from a collector by the police Badung, Bali, each estimated to have 1000 years old. “Based on the investigation team of researchers from the Institute for Archaeology and the Institute for Preservation of Archaeological Heritage (BP3) Denpasar, the two skulls that we now secure the thousand-year-old was expected,” said Chief of Police Criminal Investigation Unit Adjunct Badung Police Commissioner Soma Adnyana in Badung, Tuesday (14/9). He said the research team estimates that these two human skulls which officers seized from a villa in the area of Beach Road Berawa, Badung regency were aged around 1000 years. In addition to his age they have encountered “old”, the
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    Alert status of mount Seulawah

    Mount Seulawah Agam, one of three type-A volcano (active eruption) in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam up its status since September 1, 2010. “Escalated from” Normal “(Level I) to” Alert “(Level II),” thus conveyed of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMG). Although visually the volcanic activity of the mountain with an altitude of 1726 meters was not significantly increased, but fluctuated from seismic data a trend of improvement. Delivered PVMG, Mount Seulawah Agam rest period is 136 years and the longest is 239 years old. Last eruption occurred in the crater of parasites at 12 to 13 January 1839. A number of recommendations are given, the public and visitors are not allowed to climb and near the crater up to a radius of three kilometers from t
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    The oldest palace in the world

    A 5000-year-old palace discovered in eastern Turkey, the oldest palace in the world, will become an open air museum in June, semi-governmental news agency, Anatolia, reported on Thursday. A palace was found below ground in Aslantepe tumulus, an ancient settlement in the village Orduzu, Malatya Province, was built in 3300 BC, and the restoration of the palace will be completed in the current year, said Marcella Frangipane, a professor of archeology at the University of La Spienza Italy and chairman excavation team in Aslantepe, Anatolia said. According to him, the museum will show how an ancient country in Aslantepe began to be built and how the state system works. He explained, the excavation team had found the ceiling of every room of the palace with a roof to protect the building. Trace
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    Human of Pawon

    Bandung Institute for Archaeological again found a number of pieces of fossilized prehistoric leftovers in a box of new excavations at the Cave Site Pawon, Masigit Mountain Village, District Cipatat, West Bandung regency, West Java. Researchers from the Archaeological Institute of Bandung, Lutfi said Yondri excavation or digging for research purposes in the Cave Site of Pawon will last two weeks, or ended until 4 September 2010. “The research was conducted by creating a new excavation box. It was unlike the boxes used in previous excavations. Hopefully, this finding actually fossils,” said Lutfi Yondri. Previously, in early July, archaeologists were surprised by the findings caretaker Pawon Cave, Ecep Suhaya (54). Ecep find hundreds of pieces of bone and two teeth of allegedly
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    Hominid skeleton is found in Bali

    Hominid skeleton in a coffin made of stone, called sarcophagus, found in Subak Saba, Village of Keramas, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, Bali, Saturday. “Today we found two cases of stone, but only one which successfully opened, and it still contains an ancient human skeleton,” said Dra Kusumawati Ayu, a researcher at the Institute for Archaeology of Denpasar when met at the location of discovery, Saturday. She mentioned, two stone coffin at the head end includes accessories like a turtle, was first discovered by diggers at the site soil for making bricks. From these findings, the team of Archeological Denpasar was deepening of the second coffin was a prehistoric relics called sarcophagus. Dra Kusumawati Ayu said, one of two things this has successfully opened the lid by the officers, an
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