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    Two asteroid passed

    Two asteroid passed within distance of the moon from Earth on Wednesday, but will not hit the Earth, said the National Aeronautics and Space United States (NASA) Tuesday. Catalina Sky Survey is now located near Tucson, Arizona found a second object on the last Sunday. Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts has to review their observations and decide early orbits. Planet Center officials concluded that two objects will pass within the distance between the moon and the earth, about 240 000 miles. Asteroids can be seen with moderate-sized amateur telescopes. According to NASA, asteroid 2010 was estimated to RX30-sized 32 to 65 feet and will pass within the range of 154 000 miles from Earth at 5:51 am Washington time Wednesday. The second object, 2010 RF12, estimated size of 20 to
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    Twins of Earth

    The astronauts have yet to find planets similar to Earth than Kepler observatory. If the existence of a third planet like the Earth has been no confirmation that the planet could be a ’smallest planet’ known. “We can say, in terms of physical size, this will be the smallest, but we do not know its mass,” says Matthew Holman, staff director of the division of the theory of astrophysics at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center, which confirmed the findings Kepper. Keppler revealed, this third planet has a radius of 11.5 times the Earth and have orbital periods of about 1.6 days on Earth - shorter than the Kepler-9b and 9c. The investigators are examining whether the candidates ‘twins Earth’ orbiting a star similar to two other planets. “One message from
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    Observations of Kepler system 9

    United States space agency (NASA) announced the new findings generated Kepler satellite, Thursday, August 26, 2010. Kepler found a group of alien planets, planets that were never before seen it around a star - like planets in the solar system circling the sun. The findings were called Kepler system 9. Observations of Kepler observatory confirm two Saturn-sized planets orbiting a star - in a distance of about 2300 light years from Earth. They also reveal the candidate planet that may be the same size as Earth in the same system. Why are the candidates? Its existence has not been confirmed. Until now, astronomers have not confirmed whether there is a potential planet like the Earth - in the sense that you could sustain life. However, initial analysis says, the planet has 1.5 times Earth
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    Another solar system is detected

    A solar system that consists of one star and the seven planets are detected is 127 light years from Earth. Predictably, this solar system is the largest in the universe, and beyond the sun. As reported by Dailymail Wednesday, August 25, 2010, astronomers have studied this system for six years using the planet finder instrument called HARPS spectrograph at La Silla, Chile. “This is a remarkable discovery. This, too, pointed to the fact that we are entering a new era in research Exoplanet (planets outside the solar system of governance): Study of complex system on the planet,” said Christophe Lovis, scientist who led the European Southern Observatory (ESO). He explained that studies the movement of this planetary system reveals the complexity of the gravitational interaction b
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    Meteor shower has appeared

    Coming this weekend on earth residents presented interesting spectacle in the sky. In some places, the meteor shower has appeared. Besides, would appear also some planets can be seen with the naked eye at night. According to Space dot com page, citizens residing in the Northern Regions of Earth can see the Perseid meteor shower on Thursday night local time (early morning or early Friday GMT) until Friday morning (noon GMT). If not barred clouds, meteor showers can be witnessed every minute. Besides the clouds, celestial bodies might interfere with the view that meteor showers are the light of the full moon. However, this time, the moon will not disturb. The astronomers and observers of celestial objects in foreign countries can expect the meteor shower showing the best and can deliver th
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    The arrival of Unidentified Flying Object

    The astronomer from China, Wang Sichao predicts the arrival of extraterrestrials or Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in two years, 2011 or 2012. Wang is also the expert small planets out of this speculative post some reports sightings of strange objects in the sky or some regions in China such as Zhejiang, Hunan, Chongqing and Xinjiang since last month. Based on the fact that Wang’s statement, “The existence of 2.5 billion planets - including our Milky Way galaxy, it is possible there is life and there-tech civilization.” “Between Earth and outer space was a new civilization in the primary stage approach,” added Wang. Statement of renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking last April that the arrival of the Alien would be bad for humans denied Wang. He said, i
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    The waves of space

    Earth could be hit by waves of space weather on Tuesday following a huge explosion of the sun, according to scientists. Fireworks sun at the weekend has been recorded by several satellites, including NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory who witnessed the shock waves that ripple out. Astronomers from around the world witnessed a large flare on the Earth-sized giant sunspot, which is associated with larger eruptions on the solar surface. The explosion was aimed directly toward Earth, which then sends tsunami sun 93 million miles so far across the room. Pictures of the SDO refer to the shock wave that runs from a flare into the sky, New Scientist reports. Experts say the possibility of a wave of energetic gases reach Earth on Tuesday, when it will struggle to penetrate the natural magnet
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    The big stars were born in another universe

    A successful space telescope photographed a group of stars in other galaxies. One is a young star which is believed to size 20 times larger than the sun. The scientists worked with researchers from the United States Space Agency (NASA). NASA researchers, Stefan Kraus and astronomers from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, revealed that the discovery was in order to examine how the big stars were born in another universe. As quoted in the official page of NASA, Wednesday, July 14, 2010, Kraus said that NASA’s Space Telescope, Spitzer, managed to record images of a star called IRAS 13481-6124. Images from the Spitzer telescope was also supported by observations from the station telescope in Chile. That star is located in the constellation Centaurus, which is 10,000 light-years. I
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    Open the file of UFO

    European MPs urge EU states to open a file about the appearance of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) which is kept secret. The reason is the public right to know. One member of the European Parliament from Italy, Mario Borghezio said the EU needed secret data, Uncategorized ‘X Files’ revealed - so that everyone can access information about UFOs, including data obtained by the military. Kara Borghezio, European governments must stop trying to cover-up data were systematically. Borghezio also said it is important to make a UFO research center. UFO investigation may be very important for the science and technology. “I think, based on the principles of transparency, Member States of the European Union has an obligation to make scientific data accessible to the public abou
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    The Victims of the Bermuda Triangle

    News about Bermuda triangle that is not a friendly place for the guests had been around since long time ago. As evidence, many objects are missing and have never detected its existence. Here they are a few of them: USS Cyclops (AC-4). Before sailing, naval warships of the United States had received notice that the sky is clear, there can be no storm. However, in suddenly and fast, USS Cyclops disappeared in stormy seas in the Bermuda triangle in 1918. The same fate suffered warship HMS Anglo Australian in 1938. The crew also got some good news shortly before the cruise. However, they finally reported missing since the storm. In 1945, significant events in the history of Bermuda Triangle happen. The loss of Flight 19 was in the region. One of the bombers unity of the United States owned
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