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    The WWW's Creator

    Do you know internet? Do you know the creator of world wide web? This is the news of world wide web. Internet service to the world’s cultural development is very large. Functions and very existence of human work easier. It could be said that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 19th century. Internet Talk, is very attached to the WWW (world wide web). WWW created by a scientist named Tim Berners Lee. Lee invented the WWW as a scientist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or commonly known as CERN. The place is a particle physics research center that belongs to the European countries. He found the WWW, Lee worked as a software engineer at CERN. He made the WWW in 1980. Initially, Lee just wanted to streamline the company works. Connect the data and inf
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    Advantages of the VPS Over the Shared Hosting

    If you have plan to create a online company, or if you already have, you will know that there are various companies web hosting service providers who have advantages and disadvantages. The most expensive are usually shared with hundreds of hosting web sites users that should be willing to share, require very large hard drive. Truly dedicated in using a large server. One company for one server. The second option is the virtual private servers, VPS, perhaps the most misunderstood of three categories of web hosting services that knowledgeable. VPS more sparingly, a special server, and offers more freedom and options that continue to develop online from the shared hosting business. VPS is a private server, you are the owner of this site, you can use a variety of software you want and can con
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    The Recommended Web Hosting

    The world’s growing rapidly, especially the technology also helps to speed the development of the world. Internet as one of the technologi which can shorten the length of road development of the world, has facilities that grow continue and never stop in the process. The existence of the internet is one of example. This allows us to obtain information without the restrictions of time and place of the world. From anywhere, anytime, 24 hours, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Because the Internet never rest or sleep. This is at once easier and improve the ways to promote some products to market. With web hosting as the media, the producers can promote their products easily, quickly and without limit. There are many sites on the Internet that describes a web hosting, but not all


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